Artist Discovery: An Interview w/ Lil Silk


Born June 29th, Lil Silk is only 24 years young, but his infectious character and persona has an even younger energy to it. This quality has him pegged to make waves in entertainment, notably hip-hop. Having been featured on Pigeons And Planes, Fader, Elevator, XXL, Noisey, the leading German hip-hop magazine Juice, and more, Lil Silk has always gone by Silk.

“It’s my dad’s name. I adopted it,” Silk says when asked about his name. “His name is Silk, you know, so, Lil Silk.” He moved to Atlanta at a young age but goes back to Englewood often, an infamous neighborhood on the south-side of Chicago. His last album, A Boy Who Fell to Earth, was released June 29th. The song 20:18 lived on that project, a song that demonstrated the recording artist’s propensity for living in the moment, and cherishing the present by doing so.

DailyChiefers: What’s your earliest memory of music?

Lil Silk: Right around listening to Tupac with my dad as a very young kid.

DailyChiefers: Do you have a musical family?

Lil Silk Nah, not for real. I’m pretty much the first. I come from a long line of heavy drug dealers.

DailyChiefers: Were you always intent on making hip-hop?

Lil Silk: It started as poetry, but I just like making music period, no matter what kind.

DailyChiefers: What is your writing process like?

Lil Silk: I just try to let my slow drawl talk on the beat. I freestyle then I write.

DailyChiefers: Who or what are you inspired by the most in the studio these days?

Lil Silk: I’m inspired by success really. The ambition. The thrill for more. Of course there’s people like Wayne, Gucci Mane.

DailyChiefers: What was the time frame like for your last project?

Lil Silk: It was really a compilation of different time frames. It was just a colleciton of songs I had. It was way more songs that didn’t make the cut. The songs described my own lane, from what I was saying on it. I tried to pick everything that just sounded like Silk.

DailyChiefers: How did you come up with the album art?

Lil Silk: Just being a creator, being an artist. Just life.

DailyChiefers: How conscious was the decision to have no features?

Lil Silk: Because it was originally the project My Own Lane but that’s evident, what’s the point of shoving that in people’s faces. Nothing really changed except the name of the project.

DailyChiefers: Who are your favorite producers to work with?

Lil Silk: I don’t really have a favorite producer to work with. I like working with people that compliment my sound. They make the recording process easier. I don’t have to force it.

DailyChiefers: If you could collaborate with anybody, who would it be?

Lil Silk: Lil Wayne.

DailyChiefers: What are you working on currently?

Lil Silk: Currently, I’m running my own brand. Steady recording, trying to stay as consistent and positive as possible. That’s what I’m working on.


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