Articles by ZLLA

Kendrick Lamar | To Pimp A Butterfly [Album Review]

Kendrick Lamar has been overly dedicated to his cause since day one, and even told us such in his first project’s title in 2010.  In fact, all of his project’s titles over the years have truly represented their creator; K-Dot stays true to himself consistently, bleeding honesty with every word spoken.  


Joey Bada$$ | B4.DA.$$ (Album Review)

Most people find time to break from a busy schedule and visit the big city at least once in their lifetime.  There seems to be a vast energy there that pulls people to it and moves them once they arrive, an utmost pacesetter for the inspired daily grinder.  


Flying Lotus | You’re Dead! (Album Review)

One may have heard of Flying Lotus for the first time without even realizing it while watching reruns of Futurama late at night on Adult Swim. “Zodiac Shit,” from his mysterious Cosmogramma in 2010, would go to often be played in between commercial breaks while Cartoon Network chimed in with playful banter and subtle one-liners….