Exclusive: Chasethemoney Talks Chicago Music Scene, Soulja Boy and G.O.O.D Music Co-Sign


ChaseTheMoney is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand producers in hip-hop right now. From recent collab projects with Valee and Z Money to placements on the most recent Lil Wop, G Herbo, and (even) Twista projects, Chase’s production is all over the place right now. Most recently, Chase’s production has got some major co-signs, that includes G.O.O.D music and controversial superstar XXXTentacion.

Daily Chiefers: Your originally from St Louis, but have placements on damn near every project that’s dropped this year from Chicago. Why do you think your production is becoming so in demand in the Chicago scene?

ChaseTheMoney: I don’t make beats like anyone else.

Daily Chiefers: I have this theory that every upcoming producer got their first placement with Soulja Boy. Would you say his style of production was an early influence on you??

ChaseTheMoney: Hell Nah, I collabed with 2Deezy and he placed that beat.

Daily Chiefers: I noticed you have a few full collab projects with different rappers, Z Money and Valee for example. Do you prefer that to just placements?

ChaseTheMoney: I don’t care about placements, I don’t care about credits, none of that shit. I just make music.

Daily Chiefers: You seem to really have an affinity for executive producing. Any projects your working on with new artists? I saw on twitter you were teasing new music with Lil Wop.

ChaseTheMoney: Yeah just expect new music from us every month. You might just blow your speakers out. 😂

Daily Chiefers: How did it feel after G.O.O.D music tweeted the video for “I Got Whatever,” did you know that was coming or was that a complete surprise?

ChaseTheMoney: Nah, I had no idea. Shit was lit bro.

Daily Chiefers: Any specific way you celebrated? 

ChaseTheMoney: Nah, I was in the middle of making a beat when I saw it.

Daily Chiefers: So what’s next for you? I’ve heard you’ve got music with Freebandz Gang coming soon.

ChaseTheMoney: I produced the intro to Frank Matthews 2 which is Casino’s upcoming tape. I’ve also been working with Mexico Rann.

Stay tuned for more new music coming from ChaseTheMoney, coming soon! Photography provided by Faris. 

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