Exclusive: Check Out Our Latest Q&A w/ 1TakeJay


Today, I have the distinct pleasure of sharing a brief Q&A that I recently did with emerging Compton artist 1Take Jay. Jay has been playing a pivotal role within the Cali resurgence, and his recent buzz is starting to see the light of day. With hits such as “Arco,” “To Da Neck” and “Blow Her Bacc,” featuring Blueface, it goes without saying that Jay is a name you’ll want to know in the next few months. Trust me. Well, without further delay, check out our brief Q&A with Jay below, where they discuss California, when he started making music, and what’s coming next.

Daily Chiefers: What’s your name and where are you from?

1Take Jay: 1Take Jay and I’m from Compton, California.

Daily Chiefers: When did you first start making music?

1Take Jay: “2014.”

Daily Chiefers: What’s it like coming out of the West Coast and trying to make it as an artist?

1Take Jay: I don’t even see it from that standpoint. I wasn’t even trying to rap at first. It’s hard trying to make it because there’s so many rappers trying to rap, so if someone pops out everyone wants to sound like you.

Daily Chiefers: How do you think you’ve evolved since then as an artist in the past 5 years?

1Take Jay: I feel like I still get heard and noticed by myself for being myself.

Daily Chiefers: Who were some of your influences in rap growing up?

1Take Jay: YG, Sugar Free, etc. I used to listen to a lot of YG coming up.

Daily Chiefers: What do you think separates you from a lot of the artists who came before you?

1Take Jay: The whole character I am, I’m a natural people’s person, and unlike everyone else coming out of Compton, I don’t gang bang.

Daily Chiefers: If you could pick any artist to work with regardless of genre who would it be?

1Take Jay: Drake, Bruno Mars, Cardi B

Daily Chiefers: What can we expect from 1TakeJay in 2019?

1Take Jay: An album (it’s going to be a classic), numbers increasing, and more videos!


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