Exclusive: Check Out Our Latest Q&A with Adamn Killa

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Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing one of my favorite newcomers coming from the city of Chicago, named Adamn Killa. I first heard of Adamn when I started to notice Stockholm, Sweden superstar Yung Leann started to push his music publicly. Adamn’s next level flows have had me hooked ever since I listened to his debut tape Back 2 Ballin.

Adamn’s choice of instrumentation is what makes his sound one of a kind, and has allowed him to map out the blueprint for luxurious/futuristic rap music. I get a sense of class when I hear Adamn rap, and I honestly think he’s the future of rap music. Get to know the up and coming Chicago star in our brief Q&A below.

DC: What’s your name and where are you from?

AK: Adamn, and I’m from Chicago.

DC: When did you first start making music?

AK: Like 2013 but I was just fucking around at first.

DC: What’s it like coming out of the city of Chicago and trying to make it as an artist?

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AK: hard because people in Chicago don’t fuck with you until everybody everywhere else fucks with you and on top of that they be hating

DC: I first found out about you when you released your tape “Back 2 Ballin” and immediately became a fan. How do you think you’ve evolved since then as an artist?

AK: I make all types of different shit now I really grew as an artist that was just rap shit sometimes I be singing now and all types of different shit and I’m a better songwriter now.

DC: Who were some of your influences in rap as you grew up in Chicago?

AK: Kanye, Lil Wayne, Cam’ron and Kid Cudi.

DC: What do you think separates you from a lot of the artists who came before you?

AK: I be doing different shit than everybody else my shit don’t sound like anybody else shit

DC: If you could pick any artist to work with regardless of genre who would it be?

AK: Kid Cudi

DC: What can we expect from Adamn in 2018?

AK: a lot of crazy shit we going up this year new music very often unexpected collaborations all that type of shit

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