Exclusive: Dez Wright talks Lil Wayne, ESPN, and Type Beats!

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Dez Wright is one of the most exciting up and coming producers right now. Not only is Dez incredibly talented behind the keyboard, he has one hell of an ear. Acting as both a producer and engineer for established superstars, like Kid Ink and PartyNextDoor, along with exciting up and comers, like Dice Soho and PNB Rock, Dez has definetely carved his own lane.

DailyChiefers: Did you know Lil Wayne had rapped over one of your beats on D6? What was your first reaction?

Dez Wright: I actually didn’t know until it came out. I found out when DJ Ill Will sent me a video streaming the song. I was really surprised that Wayne got on my beat and was more surprised at the beat he got on. It’s a surreal moment hearing an artist you grew up on rapping on your production.

DailyChiefers: Not only are you a talented producer, you seem to be a great collaborator. Who are some of your favorite people you’ve worked with, both artists and producers?

Dez Wright: One of the first producers I worked with after moving to LA was J Gramm. I was actually living on his couch just cooking up and eating salads everyday. I’ve learned the most working with him. Dice [Soho] is definitely one of my favorites artists I’ve worked with because we have great chemistry. He trusts me with my input and I know every time we record were going to make a good song together

DailyChiefers: How has it been working with the legendary Mike Dean? Now that Dice Soho has signed with M.W.A, what can we expect from you both?

Dez Wright: Its crazy, you know Mike’s another person I’ve looked up to for a while. The first time we spoke, we just talked in engineer language, it was cool. Working at his studio is like heaven for a producer with all his synths and keyboards. I think Dice is going to have a great year. Having Mike oversee his work, both as a producer and engineer, helps all the prices fit together. His new EP is 8 bangers, I have 2 on there. We already have like 5 songs for his follow up album too.

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DailyChiefers: I’ve noticed you’re actually selling a few different loop kits for producers. What was the process of putting those together like, how much time did that take?

Dez Wright: I did my first loop kit last year and I enjoyed the process of making music loops as opposed to a full beat so much. I started focusing on that for the rest of the year. Its like drawing quick sketches for me, you come up with some chords and a little melody and then bounce it out and move on to the next one. I’ve made a whole loop kit in day like 30+ loops. I have hundreds now.

DailyChiefers: How did it feel to get that ESPN placement?

Dez Wright: It was cool, working with KYLE was fun we recorded it at my house. I woke up one day and was like “I need to send a beat to KYLE today!” I made the beat for Nothing 2 Lose right then, in like 10 minutes, sent it to him and he loved it. Now it’s cool to see something I made in my house being played on national television.

DailyChiefers: What are your feelings on producers marketing their instrumentals as “Type Beats?”

Dez Wright: I think it’s a good outlet to start your career with. I was able to move to LA, afford my rent, and pay for postmates with the money I made from selling type beats. I think they can be really helpful in that way. It’s also a platform to get your name and brand out there, more to get major placements with. I just don’t know about the longevity of marketing yourself that way.

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DailyChiefers: You’re a part of Internet Money Records, how did you form that relationship?

Dez Wright: I’m actually not a part of IM, I’ve just known Taz [Taylor] for a long time, like since 2013, and we’ve worked closely for a while. I’m cool with everyone in IM and will always work with them, but I’m not officially apart of it. They’re killing it right now though and all of them are going have a great year

DailyChiefers: You’re originally from outside of Syracuse, NY, a place not really known for it’s hip-hop scene. What’s some advice you’d give producers coming from small towns?

Dez Wright: My advice would be to make sure you’re 100% devoted to making music, if you are then to go all in for it. I left college and moved to LA to sleep on a couch and pursue music full time. I wouldn’t advise that for everyone because it can be stressful putting it all on the line like that, you have no choice but to succeed. I’ve done pretty well so far but still have a long way to go.

Stay tuned for more!

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