Exclusive: In Depth With the Mind of Ghostrage

We got a chance to sit down for a conversation with one of our favorite up and coming producers, in Ghostrage. Check it out! Recently, upcoming producer Ghostrage has been making a name for himself with placements that include Memphis legend Xavier Wulf among other prominent artists. After chopping it up with the interesting man behind the tag, we got a nice glimpse at the process that turns a wild kid into a curator of some of the most unique beats you’ll hear.

So tell us a little about yourself, what has made Ghostrage into the man you are today?

Born in Los Angeles, Ghostrage was introduced to music at a young age. When he was just eight years old his dad introduced him to classic bands such as Black Sabbath, Nirvana, and Led Zeppelin including others. This led him to be interested enough to teach himself to play the drums and guitar amongst other instruments.

As he got older, Ghostrage found more artists he liked, including his most influential artist both inside and outside of music; cult legend Chief Keef. Seeing a kid who was only three years older than him blow up off of raw content that did not need fake models or exaggerations to get his message across inspired Ghost.

However, the potential had not been tapped yet so Ghostrage did not see himself doing music until one fateful mixtape. Rubba Band Business by Lex and Juicy J sparked the passionate fire which rages behind the ghost, and he began to learn how to make beats through youtube.

What do you do besides beats? What is your creative process?

Like many of us, Ghostrage has a yearning to stay busy. Making beats filled this need and more. He found a way to express himself, not only to himself but to everyone who would eventually listen to his music.

Now at the age of twenty, hard work is no stranger to Ghost, but he knows that once you perfect your passion, it is at risk of becoming formulaic and lose the spark that once made it beautiful. When he is making beats, he will take a break after the third or fourth one, just to take a walk and clear his mind.

As hard as he works, Ghostrage also makes time to expand his knowledge outside of music. An avid fan of history, Ghostrage also has a large interest in learning about how the world used to be, especially the change in perception on topics such as pharmacology.

He is not a robot however, Ghostrage also spends his time doing other things such as trolling people on the internet. His personal favorite trolls include posting “Donald Trump” type beats on Youtube, or his best troll which was debating people who had the audacity of saying that 2Pac is a better artist than Xavier Wulf.

Tell us about your style, what makes Ghostrage Beats unique?

Ghost has taken the time through trial and error to recognize that he does not need to set specific dates to finish a project. With a work ethic like his, procrastination is only constricting his talents into one super focused goal instead of enveloping every opportunity as it comes along organically. Instead of rushing into things, he has learned that patience is key and greatness attracts greatness.

As far as his beats go, Ghostrage makes his music atmospheric with a good serving of hard hitting drums. He leaves his music airy in order to maintain the beauty of simplicity as he sees it. As a producer, Ghost recognizes that if an instrumental has a happy tone while staying in the rearview of a track, it leaves more room for an artist’s lyrics to stand out. Making beats goes along with his mood as well, whether it be channeling anger into hard 808s or working his happiness into a melody like no other.

Do you set goals for yourself? If so, what are they looking like?

So far, Ghostrage has smashed through the goals he has set for himself, 2018 and beyond. He has worked with artists such as Xavier Wulf, Juicy J, Dice SoHo, Blac Youngsta, and Rico Nasty amongst others. Gaining album placements was just one of the rungs on his achievement ladder as Ghostrage aspires to be the producer of platinum and popularly produced physical copies that he can show to his father. Also on that achievement ladder, near the top, Ghostrage wants to be the first producer officially signed to 1017.

Do you have a favorite part of the beatmaking process?

A mark of true talent is appreciating the process with a greater goal in mind, and Ghostrage exemplifies that with his favorite part of the producing process. Picking an artist or style to make is what fuels him, picturing exactly what type of vibe he wants to bring.

Favorite song so far?

His favorite placement up until this point, is spaced out heady track “Polish and Shine” by Xavier Wulf. He produced that after going through a hard time emotionally and meeting a ray of light, and it is his favorite melody to this date.

What music do you like besides your own?

Ghostrage is a fan the distorted trend that is dominating the SoundCloud wave. No longer does a track have to be perfectly mixed and mastered, Ghostrage appreciates the aesthetic of hearing the beat clip as well as the overload that goes along with a nicely distorted track.

Do you want to stick with rap, or do you plan to diversify in the future?

Ghostrage has Pop and R&B melodies ready to go, and he is just waiting for the right artist to hop on them. But, if he has his way then he will pave an entirely new wave in the American music scene. Ghostrage has a dream of becoming his own rendition of a Scottish bagpipe player. He has grown tired of the Supreme and face tat wave and hopes to usher in a new era of music fashion. He does not know how to play yet, but he aspires to get his own authentic instrument and learn.

How long do you want to produce for?

Currently, Ghostrage does not see an age where he stops making music. He sees himself as an eighty year old messing around with VSTs and sending his music to upcoming artists still trying to work. His passion exceeds that of a simple career, and he has shown that to be the truth.

Overall, Ghost is an uberly talented individual with a work ethic harder than nails. His passion for knowledge both in and outside his craft is admirable and I cannot wait to see what else he achieves next. If you have not gotten to know him musically yet, check him out because you will know the name Ghostrage sooner or later!

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