Exclusive: JK the Reaper Talks Early Influences And Much More w/ Red Bull Songs


North Carolina stallion JK The Reaper, also known as Jabbie, joins us on the Red Bull and Daily Chiefers series to give us a little insight on his career so far and knowledge he has learned along the way. The lyrical genius has touched many souls and fans of his with his intricate music that is always ahead of its time. Check out my conversation with Jabbie below!

City of Birth: Greensboro, NC

Current City: Greensboro, nc

Age: 25

Q: What are early influences that molded your music, lyrics and style?

A: Curren$y, old Triple 6 Mafia tapes, & Tony Hawk soundtracks

Q: Who and what do you listen to now?

A: All my favorites are dead or don’t make music anymore (or don’t make the same music anymore) so I listen to myself 24/7.

Q: What are some of the collaborations that have shaped your career?

A: Spaceghostpurrp most definitely helped with the foundation of my career. However, Xavier Wulf, Bones, & Denzel Curry we’re all big features for the underground and myself. Working with Kaytranada last year has to be my biggest to date. That was a big deal for me too.

Q: Who would you like to work with in the future?

A: I fuck with Skepta, Doja Cat, J.I.D. and, Shakewell. There’s also this producer named ‘A L E X’ and his amazing his Growing Up EP is fire.

Q: What are your goals as an artist when it’s all said and done?

A: I want to die a legend.

Q: What goes into your decision to select and record over a beat?

A: I’ll like any production that speaks to me, but that’s it. I’ll just like it. I’ll only record on something that inspires me to speak back. I like having a conversation with the sounds. The concept writes itself that way. If not I’ll just be saying jibberish over some mediocre beat.

Q: Tell us how you feel about being features on the Daily Chiefers x Red Bull Music mixtape.

A: Respect levels are high. Daily Chiefers is one of the first blogs (if not the first) to post my music from the beginning, so that’s a given. Red Bull is a big step up for me and I always liked what they did for the culture. If it wasn’t genuine I wouldn’t have gotten involved. Once I saw the short documentary Redbull did on Cloud Rap years ago with Robb Banks and Spaceghostpurrp I knew they saw something others didn’t.

Q: What does the future hold for you? What are your plans for the next 6-12 months?

A: My main focus is to kill all of the “JK is so slept on” talk. We’re going to make this vision colossal.

Q: What was the process of changing your name from JK The Reaper to Jabbie?

A: Never changed my name, just introduced a new personality of mine to you guys. I have about 17 so I’ll slowly be introducing all of them…. that was Styx talking, say hi.

Q: How do you feel your music impacted the world and fans who dearly love you?

A: I’m aware I’ve impacted a lot of lives. I make music for the lost & cynical. A lot of kids go crazy at listening to my lyrics and thinking “holy shit I’m not the only one,” especially sad girls. My first almost angelic tape made depressed girls find a confidence in their depression. Same with the brotherhood. My Hellhounds confide in me.

Q: What is the meaning of “Fang Life”?

A: Keep your teeth sharp and wait for the sun to go down.


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