Exclusive: Lil Reek Announces New Mixtape, Discusses Relationship w/ Brodinski, Fetty Wap, and More!

It’s very easy to remember the first time I heard Lil Reek.  A friend had emailed me the music video for his track, “Rock Out.” I was immediately drawn to his unique voice, a relatively high pitch in terms of rappers. What really struck me however was not how young Reek appeared in the video, but how great the track was. Following the buzz from that track Reek delivered a well received project, appropriately titled “The Graduation.” At this point, Lil Reek is at a crossroads. Having just signed with Republic Records, we linked to discuss all he’s accomplished and what’s next?

Daily Chiefers: You’re only 17? Have you found age/size to be an advantage or have you found people not taking your music seriously?

Lil Reek: I definitely consider that as an advantage. Most people don’t already know about me; for a fan like that to be interested in my music and see me as a kid, I think they are going to consider that real cool.

Daily Chiefers: I’ve found some rumors online claiming you’re related to Fetty Wap? Any relationship with him?

Lil Reek: Yeah that’s a close friend of mine, a real close friend. He didn’t motivate me to start making music or anything but he was definitely there at the beginning, on a more street level. That’s my boy, related not family wise, but that’s my brother. I saw those videos online, I was in his BMW and he was just recording me. That went crazy viral.

 Daily Chiefers: To date how many shows have you played? What’s been the general consensus on those performances?

Lil Reek: I did the Modern Museum of Art (MoMA PS1) and AC3, so I’ve done two shows already. Honestly bro, I’m telling you when I perform I feel the artist actually coming out. In the videos, it’s not live and in person. When you’re performing these people can see how passionate you really are with your music, how much those songs really sounds like you. I don’t put many effects on my voice, I use just one template so my voice sounds just a bit enhanced. Not too much auto tune, not too much nothing, I’m going for a straight look. I’ve got a unique voice.

You know how people be playing games online? Whenever I’m playing, people are always saying I sound like a kid, or some girl. I tell them to go look my videos up online and give them my usernames. After they watch, they all go crazy. It’s a blessing!

Daily Chiefers: You have one of my favorite ears for beats, what’s inspired you to rap on very untraditional instrumentals, like “Rock Out.”

Lil Reek: …Uh, Brodinski definitely. It was a freestyle. They mixed and mastered that track so fast, they really did their thing on that. The song was a freestyle with no hook, only open verses.

Daily Chiefers: Can we expect more from you and Brodinski?

Lil Reek: I’m going to have him producing on a few tracks on my new project. He’s definitely going to be on Slime Business. If I’m not mistaken I’m going to be dropping a single soon produced by Brodinski.

Daily Chiefers: The Graduation was a great introduction, what’s next for you?

Lil Reek: I’m working on a new project; it’s titled Slime Business. I’ve got Taz [Taylor] producing on there, I’ve got Cardo. I’ve got a few more on there I can’t tell you, I’m just blanking.

Daily Chiefers: Your latest single Door Swing, what was the inspiration behind that?

Reek: The Donut Shop, which is my place of business. My everyday life really motivated me, you know coming in and out the donut shop.

Daily Chiefers: You recently signed with Republic– What do you think made them the best fit?

Lil Reek: Lil Wayne is my idol. It’s a family business. When the CEO of the company comes and tries to sign you. I mean the founder Avery [Lipman}, once Avery comes to sign you, if he’s interested in your business I feel like we’re locked in.

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