Exclusive: Nancy and Tombo Drop Off “* just a mistake i made *”


Nancy and Tombo are making their Daily Chiefers debut this evening with an ethereal project titled, just a mistake i made, the third offering in their mysterious EP series. The artwork for the series has bordered on magical realism which is reflected in the dream pop essence found in their music. All vocals, production, and engineering are thanks to the mystical duo that hails from Chicago and Milwaukee respectively, breathing a new eclectic musical breath into the midwest scene. Their most recent EP is the longest in the series which is a pleasant surprise, and features Nancy crooning into the night sky on the first track, “red nails”, thus beginning the smoke filled journey weaved together within the 5 introspective tracks. Best enjoyed after 10pm, with a rolled up wood, swisher, cig or whatever it is you smoke- be sure to give this a rotation and let us know what you think in the comments. You can expect the three EP’s in the Nancy + Tombo series to hit Spotify, Apple Music, etc, later this month but for now hit play on “just a mistake I made” below!


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