Exclusive Q&A: Get to Know Rising Producer MilanMakesBeats

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If you’re still not hip to rising producer MilanMakesBeats of Capsule Corp, then you really need to do your research. He’s one of the most important and influential producers of the underground, working with the likes of Playboi Carti, Yung Bans, Mar90s, ThouxanbanFauni, Swaghollywood, UnoTheActivist and a bunch others.

With producing becoming an increasingly more important aspect in music, it looks like artists like Milan are in the perfect position to grow within the mainstream industry. A few weeks back we asked a few questions with Milan, including his situation with Atlanta’s Playboi Carti. Peep the interview below and keep it locked for more from the rising South Carolina buzzmaker. Enjoy.

First off, how old are you and when did you start making music/producing?

Im 22 years old I started producing when I was 19 just to see if I could make the beats and sounds I heard in my head.

Where are you from? And how has that influenced your artistry?

I am from South Carolina; personally I don’t feel that South Carolina has influenced my music. My style in music is nothing like the music people make here. I do believe being from a small town in South Carolina is the reason I am as humble about my music as I am. That’s how I was raised being in the south.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

My biggest influences artist wise are Keef, Gucci, Zaytoven, Wiz, Curren$y, FlatBushZombies, A$AP Rocky, those were the artist that really influenced me in the beginning. I always have been attracted to that weird, stoner trippy music along with the hard street hype ratchet trap sound. Tv and video games to me is a big influence as well the melodies I hear in games or some of my favorite animes definitely play a big role.

Who are some dream collabs that you would like to do?

Artist id love to collab with are Wiz, Curren$y, Keef, Thug, Migos Producers I really want to collab with Zaytoven that’s really it. I NEED to work with Zay. I pray that happens in the future.

Are you currently working on a project? And if so, when are you releasing it? And who would be featured on it?

Right now I am working on the Cap$ule artist as a whole. They all have projects that I am directing and helping with. I have 2 upcoming tracks with my bro Yung Bans Dresser and Butterfly Coupe. On the Cap$ule projects you can expect to see Smoove Dinero, Akwa, Liu Chan, Yung Neff, I$AIAH, Lil Turbo. They are all amazing artist and I’m excited for people to hear what we create.

Who have you been working with that your fan base would find surprising?

The biggest surprise I’d say is Carti being that the on going situation I have with him. He is featured on Butterfly Coupe. This situation itself would be even more surprising if fans actually know the full extent of it.

What’s the Top 5 favorite artists you’re listening to right now at the moment?

Smoove Dinero, Trippie Red, ThouxanbandFauni, Lil Turbo and Larry League.

As a producer, what’s the first couple things you focus on while creating a beat?

Honestly when I make a beat I get in my zone and literally make the weird trippy wavy melodies and sounds I hear. I make sure everything is mixed I listen and re-listen how ever many times it takes. My main focus begins with melodies until they are perfect I don’t move forward and if its not what I want ill just delete and start over.

Future plans?

In the future I like to put out more music with more established artist and build up Cap$ule as a whole. Cap$ule has plans far beyond just music people will just have to wait and see what the Cap$ule Wave is all about and they will have no choice but to see me. Its Cap$ule from here on out.

Stay tuned for more!

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