K$ubi Kayy and DM Drop Four New Singles

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Rising Connecticut artist K$UBI KAYY surpsiesĀ fans with not one but four new singles, all produced by DM. The first track, “Cappin'” features K$UBI going in over some calm bell sounds, claiming “they cappin’.” The second track, “Karma” gets a little darker as K$UBI switches the flow up to a more lackadaisical delivery. On “Pressure,” K$UBI claims he won’t fold under the pressure and “IDKHERNAME” brings on a whole new flow and delivery for K$UBI. He flexes some off melodic autotune vocals on the catchy hook and pitches some barred up verses. The flows, as well as the style of production, switch up between the four tracks as K$UBI and DM exhibit their masterful chemistry. Check the new singles out below.


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