Lil Xelly finally drops new EP ‘#LC3 #LUCKYCHARMS3’!

What really impressed me on this new Lil Xelly EP was that none of the songs were two of the same.The Maryland rapper continues to deliver unique tracks with even more unique production. Lil Xelly is definitely next up, as he doesn’t settle for music that everyone else is making. He’s continually putting out more and more original records and I’m pretty impressed with how this tape turned out. The sound on this tape is, in addition to Lil Xelly, credited to NoirBrent, who was given production credits on all six songs on the record. Yung Icey Beats and uglyfriend were also given production credits, for one song each. Give the EP, ‘Lucky Charms 3’ a listen now and jump on the bandwagon before it’s too late.


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