Monster Mike – For the Sport <3 [EP Review + Stream]

Monster Mike

Monster Mike recently dropped a brand new EP titled, For The Sport <3, featuring executive instrumentation from heavyweight underground producer, Luke Almighty and iconic artwork courtesy of Oklahoma visual artist, Kodone. This project is unlike anything we have ever seen from Mike due to his experimentation with new melodies and harder flows so we decided to give it the Daily Chiefer’s treatment with an exclusive review!

The 7 track project begins with a collaborative beat from Luke Almighty and Deaf on “Oh Yea”, one of the catchiest songs on the whole tape. Mike goes on a relentless lyrical run over the hypnotizing beat using his signature gritty cadence, adding greatly to the track’s replay value. Favorite Line: “No job but I get the check like I gotta job/ You know how I rock, Black Chyna I don’t gotta Rob, I just get the guap”

“Summer” finds Monster Mike picking up the energy with a more tenacious approach, including the notorious line, “Fucking bad bitches I can’t really do shit wit no sad bitches/ Them hoes used to make me wish I didn’t even have bitches.” Real shit Mike.

“33” introduces us to the auto-tuned enigma that is Lil Up, the only recurring feature on the EP and truly a force to be reckoned with. Mike and Up trade energy over the Almighty production so effortlessly, giving listeners an addictive 2 minute track to keep on replay. Favorite line trade- Lil Up: “Shorty pull up to my crib I know what she about/name is Little Up but shorty super down. Mike: “All my day one homies right here wimme ain’t no falling out/ told my bitch like she my opp I told her we can’t talk it out” Modern day poetry.

“Stain” features Roo$ki Dash who gives us a grimy hook, and Iceface who does his thing on the verse, however Mike remains in the spotlight with an infinite amount of borderline comedy bars about hitting stains and running plays. Favorite Line: “On shorty I’m smoking dope Rick and Morty/ No cappin my man ain’t servin but he slide with the forty/ … “I be tryna steal and get a sack I’m playing defense.” The game really ain’t fair sometimes.

Lil Up returns with more addictive auto-tuned crooning on “luv u”, also featuring legendary Chicago artist BiGBODYFiji who annihilates his guest verse. This song is definitely some slight from the artist trio who allow their styles to mesh perfectly together for a short but potent offering. Favorite Line courtesy of Little Up: “Off a bean baby you know I wanna rolllll, you was capping and you gotta pay your tolllll/ uptown boy I be posted where it snowwws/damn i feel like Lil Upppp/ I don’t fuck with cops baby I don’t wanna cuffff.” This kid is going to be a pop star someday we are calling it right now.

“Wyd” features Monster Mike catching a totally different wave by giving listeners a slowed out love song perfect to dedicate to your main shorty. He experiments with carrying new notes and reveals a rare romantic side of his persona which is not a common theme in his music but it is refreshing to see the range is there. Luke Almighty also continues to show he moves like water with this production shit, constantly morphing his captivating sound to make all types of hits. If you like this track in particular you should revisit his past drop, “Anybody”, for similar vibes.

The closing track is called “Only” and features Robbie B. and Monster Mike tackling the most eerie Luke Almighty production on the tape. They both come with cathartic flows bring a crashing end to the roller coaster of a ride that is for the sport <3. Luke Almighty has produced hits for artists such as Supa Bwe, Warhol.$$, DuffleBagBuru, Spenzo, Yung Bans, Pollari, Freako, J.R. Donato, Adot and more so get in tune with his wave if you aren’t already because he absolutely murdered the production on this EP. If this is your first time listening to Monster Mike then it should be a proper introduction and if you are here to peep the new work than I guarantee you will not be let down by the Chicago veteran. The project was mixed and mastered by Linus. Roll up and hit play below and don’t forget, we do this shit “for the sport <3”.


Beats: 5/5

Lyrics: 4.5/5

Originality: 4/5

Cohesiveness: 3/5

Overall Rating: 4/5

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