Pi’erre Bourne and Cardo Join Forces For Thier New Project, “Pi’erre & Cardo’s Wild Adventure”


Pi’erre Bourne and Cardo have been two of the most sought after producers over the past year or two, with the latter extending that streak for most of this decade. Despite being known mostly as a beatmaker, Pi’erre has been on a campaign to validate his all-around artistry, and Cardo provides the perfect backdrop on their new collaborative mixtape, Pi’erre & Cardo’s Wild Adventure.

At 14 songs, the project is a bit long, but rarely ever feels bloated as almost every song clocks in at under 3-minutes. With production being handled mostly by Cardo, the freedom allows for some of the most polished vocal work that we’ve seen from Pi’erre to date. On tracks like, “Fiji,” he completely floats over the out-of-this-world production from Cardo that’s heavily reliant on funky synths and infectious drum kicks, proving himself as a worthy lyricist. On fellow standout, “Death At A Funeral,” he kicks back and relaxes on his the lyricism a bit, allowing his melodic flow throughout the hook and Cardo’s spaced out production carry most of the load.

With an obvious creative chemistry brewing between the duo, let’s just hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of their work together. Either way, press play on the surprise project below and get familiar with both.



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