Premiere: Check Out Sahtyre’s Knocking New Space-Bound Single “Elon”

Fresh off its first spin on Run The Jewels’ DJ Trackstar’s Shade 45 radio segment “The Smoking Section”, Los Angeles breadwinner Sahtyre’s new single “Elon” gets its digital premier on our Chiefers’ pages.  Sahtyre is undeniably a slept on, culture-bending talent. For years now he has been making irrefutable evidence of his ability to seamlessly combine genres in ways that just seems too organic to even be true. On his newest outing, he’s only stepping it up an even further notch. Blending heavy hitting production from Don Alfonso and Goldenboy that rivals any other modern beat with his signature, acid-laced deliveries, Sahtyre has really crafted a mesmerizing new track.  From the jump, as dissonant keys set the backdrop, the energy is felt. Before the LA artist can even hit the track you’re already reaching out to turn the volume knob a couple ticks to the right. He perfectly edges the line between over-the-top lyricism and effective, simple flows. It makes you feel like you’re learning something without the sensation of drowning in words.

When asked about his inspiration for the track Sahtyre was sure to give credit to the man that shares his dreams of other worlds, Elon Musk. “I love how he [Musk] thinks. I too, dream of colonizing Mars and continuing the human process of external exploration which ultimately always leads us back within. I will play the first show on the Red Planet and I will owe it all to the natural mathematical grace of the simulation we are all blessed to be living in.”

With drops like this one he may just end up being that first artist to rock the red rocks of the fourth planet from the sun. “Elon” is the first release off of Sahtyre’s upcoming project CRYNOWDIELATER, set to drop September 25th through Liquid Sound Design and Empire. Tune in and gear up for the sure to be fire project and stay in touch for more dope Daily Chiefers premieres and exclusives! Listen to “Elon” below.


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