Production Credit: Nedarb Nagrom Interview


Many of you have probably heard of Nedarb. He’s a frequent collaborator with MANY of the artists that we post about, and he makes some of the best beats in the underground scene. We got a chance to talk to Nedarb about his craft, and the history of his musical career.

Daily Chiefers: What’s your name and where are you from?

Nedarb: My name is Braden, I make music under the moniker Nedarb & I’m originally from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, but moved to the States when i was like 10 and mainly grew up in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Daily Chiefers: When and how did you get into making music?

Nedarb: I’ve been making music since like 2008. It started off with solo acoustic/emo shit, then lead to emo/hardcore bands, then I began rapping in 2009, but picked up producing in early 2014. I taught myself bass, guitar, and drums. My sister had a guitar so I just picked it up and fucked around enough until I got kinda good. Then I bought a bass, and would play my friends drumset. My friend Hitmayng taught me how to use Ableton for a day, then I taught myself the rest after that pretty much.

Daily Chiefers: Who influenced you when you were starting out in music, and who influences you now?

Nedarb: As far as Nedarb shit goes, Clams Casino was my main influence, and still is.

Daily Chiefers: At what point did you decide to take on producing full-time?

Nedarb: I mean I probably made more beats from 2014-2015 than all of 2016 and 2017 so far combined. I figured out how to make it a career and make money with it as of recent. I quit my last job in like October of 2016. I was a dishwasher at a bar in DTLA, said “Fuck this, I can make more selling beats and doing shows and selling merch.”

Daily Chiefers: Who is your favorite artist you’ve worked with to date and why?

Nedarb: I made the most shit I love with Lil Peep, but I love working with BB Sun, Lil Tracy, Xavier Wulf, Black Kray, Drippin So Pretty, and LOE. Honestly, too many to name. I love pretty much everything I do with a rapper or artist if the song came about naturally.

Daily Chiefers: What’s your biggest accomplishment in your eyes?

Nedarb: Being able to go on tour in Europe/Russia/USA with Lil Peep next month is gonna be insane and probably my biggest accomplishment. Aside from that, I mean being able to make this music shit what I do for a living is also pretty cool and new to me.

Daily Chiefers: What do you have coming in the future that we should look out for?

Nedarb: A collab tape with Slug Christ, more beat tapes, more merch, and more shit with everyone I work with right now. Just keep watching.

As you can tell, Nedarb is on a wave that only few producers are on. His vast knowledge of music and networking has put him in the position he currently is in, and he’s only getting better from here. If you’d like to purchase his beats, you can do so here.

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