Retch Is Here To Piss Off His Enemies With His New Album “Richer Than The Opps”

Retch is a true symbol of resilience with his music and his new album Richer Than The Opps is dedicated to making his enemies feel broke. If you’ve been around for Retch’s career you understand that this man is capable of putting out classics. Those who say that Retch only brings us bars about designer, women, and drugs aren’t aware of what he’s already done. With projects like La Cienega and Polo Sporting Goods, we got to see another side of Porter, but it seems like Retch has moved on from the backpack bars. Each one of these 13-tracks has an egotistical, fearless mood that radiates through the speakers. With songs like “Fed Up” featuring Gu Mitch we hear the ruthless anger from this New Jersey product. This is untouched land when it comes to these current flows, but it’s a near flawless transition to the quintessential trap sound.  “Dead Friends” is the final cut on the project as well as a personal favorite and it was produced by upcoming maestro Kellbender. This grim set of mallets and bass allows Retch to drop off a wild verse that despises oxygen. This dark attitude is what this guy revels in nowadays, so it seems like he’s not breaking a sweat. Overall this is quite the different look from Retch, but it’s another chapter in his diverse career. Stream Richer Than The Opps in its entirety below.


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