15-Year-Old Drill Rapper DD Osama Releases Heartfelt Tribute to Fallen Friend Notti Osama on “Da Real Brotherly Love”


DD Osama continues to separate himself from his Drill contemporaries by teaming up with fellow Harlem Rappers Jstar Balla and JayKlickin for his newest track, a tribute to Notti Osama titled “Da Real Brotherly Love.” Notti Osama was a young Harlem-based Drill Rapper and close friend of DD Osama known for his songs “Dead Opps” and “Evil Twins pt. 2” featuring DD, who tragically lost his life during an altercation in a New York City subway in July of 2022. The song is a beautiful memorial in which they each reminisce on their friend Notti and reassure them that they will pick up where he left off, wishing things had happened differently.

The music video shows their core friend group huddled together at different locations dancing and smoking while various videos and pictures of Notti appear in and out of frame. The aggressive sound of Drill rap layered over a smooth r&b sample makes for an interesting feel when listening, and the lyrics themselves can become somewhat introspective, showing that they are using this loss as fuel to continue to chase their dreams and grow as artists.


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