2’s “ROTY” Project Is An Electric Take on Detroit Rap


If you’ve been following my writing for the last few months, you’d know that 2 is one of my favorite artists coming out of Detroit right now. His laidback flows, pensive lyrics peppered with clever one-liners, and his simple yet memorable name set him apart from his Michigan contemporaries. His new project ROTY balances those attributes with a keen sense of great production akin to Freddie Gibbs or JID.

2 glides effortlessly over the Jazz driven, Ddot Freezing produced “Halftime in Chicago” as well as other jazzy singles like “Hole in 1”, “Ghetto Symphony” and “Still Here”. If you’re an old-school hip-hop head, you’re going to drool over the samples that 2 has in his beats.

The ex-Division 1 football player then switches things up with the twinkling track “Deep Dish” which blends more whimsical production with gun-toting boasts.

Outside of ROTY, 2‘s freshman year as a rapper saw him working at a breakneck pace. The Detroit native released three full-length projects and consistently got better from project to project. Stream ROTY below.


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