5 More Songs Your Bum Ass Boyfriend Doesn’t Know About


Well, here we are back again and let me tell you the dabs have been hitting this morning. The sunlight has decided to forgo any sort of pissing contest today and we are blessed with a soothing 70 degree Tuesday. They ask me, “Brick why must you call out our shitty ass boyfriends?” And i reply with this. “Good woman of God, why must you interact with a man with such a bland auditory pallet? His outfit sucks and he doesn’t pay enough of the bills so you deserve better.” This is peak journalism, nothing is real anymore, I hope you enjoy these fire fucking songs below.

Damien Styles – American Paranoid Freak

Damien was just recently brought to my attention by a great friend of mine. After some listens, one’s eardrums cannot deny the immense potential in this young man. He’s already brought so much energy to the fight and each tune progresses to paint his legacy even more. This soon-to-be phenom does dwell in a Peep-like realm, but his look is so much different. Past all of the comparisons, the music rises above the rest. His songwriting pulls at your heartstrings and shows off a relatable wave the world can fall in love with. “American Paranoid Freak” is a great point to delve into, but understand this. This Kansas-bred boy is going to blossom into a talent of inexplicable proportion, so don’t miss the wave above.

Bang Bang – Graves

Bang Bang was featured on my last installment of this series and we had to spin the block once more. He possesses a very gutter way of preaching his sermon all while still showing unwavering confidence. Bang is posted with his friends, enjoying some za and the other fruits of his labor. With production from Deemo and Krucial In The Kitchen, this uptempo track carries over great momentum from the previous single “Catch A Body”.

It seems as if this will be a reoccurring theme for Bang, unapologetic street music until the world catches on. Philly always has been a hub for incredible talent, but now it looks as if the noise is impossible to ignore. This city needs to be regarded as important to rap as Atlanta, LA, NYC, and other prominent environments. Until the next wave, peep this heat above.

TiaCorine FT. Frais006 – Santa

TiaCorine is going to be a strong contender for rookie of the year in 2021. The Saga of 34Corine not only showcased Tia‘s brilliance, but it was also just some really fucking good music. The wide selection of vocal approaches and influences bled through, which is a great sign for a rising artist. One, she’s not afraid to experiment, but this also means her fans won’t get bored of her sound. Linking with Frais006 for these visuals called “Santa”, this intoxicating wave takes over your cortex. Shot by Rich Canono, each diverse setting changes the mood with each cut of the camera. The shots play with lighting and framing a great deal, matching the emotions throughout the song. This woman doesn’t fret or fumble in her pocket, once again proving her greatness. Soon the world will sing her name, keep going Tia.


Now, this next young man is another budding act with a ceiling not even close to where he’s at now. IGIR WOODIEE has a tender tone, with subtle imperfections that only make the ear grow fonder. His southern styling doesn’t overpower the instrumentation but instead adds a zest that cannot be matched. In these visuals for “The Hills” you don’t see IGIR living a lavish lifestyle instead, he’s surrounded by nature and his friends. Very telling of a young artist who wants to showcase the real them to the fans, as opposed to an inauthentic lifestyle. With direction from Jamil “Aries” Purnell and edits from Sean La Sure, this video is truly a shining opus. IGIR‘s debut album AMP (an acronym for Acknowledge My Presence) dropped a few days ago and is just as poignant as these frames. IGIR WOODIE is going to make some real noise out here, so peep the gas above.

Starboi Gabe – Decision

Starboi Gabe is one of the DMV’s most promising rising stars and his new video for “Decision” only strengthens the argument. His sound is very modern, but it stands out because of how well it’s done. With the team at his back, Gabe paints the sky in a vivid fashion. His newest project entitled WorldGoneGabe2:STARBOI is just as powerful and gifts the fans nine new waves to live with. Cuts like “Escape” and “Just For Fun” take a futuristic sound and attach it to bliss. Gabe has a rare ability to make his new art sound like a well-polished machine. He’s is going to have a solid run here in the upcoming months, don’t get left behind.


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