5 Songs Only Intelligent People Will Love And Understand


So I’ve had this new job for two weeks and to be perfectly honest this is why I hadn’t tried a 9-5 in the first place. These people don’t understand that art will always be vastly more important than monetary gain my eyes. I know this may be a foreign concept for a good portion of the world, but I can’t just do shit I don’t like to do for money. Now, if there was an understanding in between us and how unreal I am at writing/curation, they would let me collect my check and leave me alone, that’d be sick. But anyway, if I told the people at the office what I do in my free time they’d look at me like a fucking leper. I’m not like you, my ear is too refined, my mind is too sharp and my pen game is never falling off. So with that being said, here are 5 new songs that only intelligent people will love and understand.

EastLaRoca – Different B*****

EastLaRoca is a name that will ring from the rafters when it’s all said and done. His sound and overall vision for how his art translates as a whole is a different look from the crowd. LaRoca delivers unwavering energy in these new visuals for “Different B*****” produced by Twayne The Kidd. This Massachusetts mobbing of eclectic sounds doesn’t fear the potential confusion the wave will bring. Instead, LaRoca is focused on coming for the necks of those who have doubted his talents thus far. This one was shot by 6rah6eem6, edited by Jochi Sacca, putting the bro into miraculous light. There’s more gas on the way, so stream this shit above.


Here’s another example of me stumbling on some real talent after peeping a random RT on the timeline. EL Cousteau is just as unconventional as his name sounds, but his electric styling is what caught my attention. This dude just delivers some powerfully cool punchlines, while his blood-curdling screams accent the ad-libs. Yes, to an uncultured ear, this may come off a bit abrasive. But it provides an underlying tone and makes me believe that Cousteau is committed to his art. This one is wild, tap in above.

Flee – Frenzy

Flee is a king of the underground, but he deserves notoriety from the world. Pairing with another legend, StoopidXool, we get the visuals for “Frenzy”. This is off of Flee‘s most recent project RatedStar, which was yet another illustrious chapter for this rising artist. With the video handled by The Digggers and Jedi Films, we see our protagonist deliver his word in the hills. Flee‘s music makes you forget about your troubles for a moment, all while the Casamigos floods into your liver. Yet another heater from the Queens legend, tap in sluts.

Polo Perks & Moh Baretta – Malls

Polo and Moh are both having an incredible year and they decided to gift the fans with a stellar loose release. Alongside this production from Evil Giane and Harrison, this Surf Gang family affair is just as valid as any of their other releases. Though, we do have to applaud them because they try to showcase all of their production styles and how the gang can conquer anything unleashed. On all fronts, SG is moving unlike any other collective and the momentum grows stronger with every passing day. Do yourself a favor and familiarize your ears.

MiddMann – YKTV

Middmann is the newest rising rapper on my radar, but it looks like he’s running with the general TK Baron now. Regardless of whether a deal is official, Middmann is high-stepping into the endzone with his defenders nowhere in sight. With direction from Marcel White, these edited frames play with our senses. Middmann doesn’t fret or fumble, instead of his confidence and calm wordplay bleed through phenomenally. I feel like the world wants more music they can live with inside their day-to-day lives, as opposed to the constant party records. Middmann is gifting the listeners something incredibly authentic, so peep this shit above.


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