808vic Is Back With Another Stellar Smash Called “Come My Way”


808vic is back on our pages yet again and it’s not for some fluke. This man can pen some great sounds and “Come My Way” is truly a moment for his catalog. Vic‘s tonality is what keeps bringing us back for more. It’s always lush and smooth as ever but entices the ear to run it back after the first listen.

The percussive elements shine but don’t get in the way of Vic‘s voice. The baritone register melds atop guitar strums and the subtle imperfections in his vocals add a level of vulnerability. “Come My Way” is a great bop to live with into the fall and winter months when cuffing season is underway, but will live on until next year as well. There is a vivacious, underlying energy throughout this one that moves ever so swiftly, so don’t sleep on this heater below.


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