A$AP Yams Passes Away



Some very tragic news arrives this Sunday morning for the A$AP camp, as we just learned that 26-year-old A$AP Mob founder ASAP Yams has passed away. Some reports are stating that it was from a lean overdose, but no official details are yet known of the reasons for his death.

Yams — also known as Steven Rodriguez — formed the group in 2007, with Rocky coming on board in 2008. He played a huge role in the formation and the overall culture that we see today. Today, the Daily Chiefers team would send its condolences out to the friends and family of Yams.

At the bottom, you’ll find some of the people shared for the respect of ASAP Yams. Rest In Peace.

R.I.P YAMS, I LOVE YOU BROTHER A photo posted by PRETTY FLACKO (@asvpxrocky) on


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