Aaron Taos And Worry Club Link For The Wondrous “Vertigo”


Aaron and the club with an abundance of Worries link up to deliver this joyful cut called “Vertigo”. It’s easy to digest and will honestly be one of those songs that doesn’t have much of a ceiling. That’s a beautiful position to be in during this rigmarole of modern music because most waves get forgotten after the first listen.

The exchange from artist to the listener is such a unique transfer of energies which can only be explained by the feeling it creates. Aaron and Chase fuse not only their talents, but their vocal abilities essentially end up sounding like one great voice toward the latter of the track. “Vertigo” is bouncy, light-hearted, and a perfect song to recover from the darkest of winters. Yeah, I know not usually our cup of tea over here, but this one is truly undeniable, so peep the gas below.


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