aash Just Added Another Crazy Tape to the Evergrowing Modern Plug Renaissance


Plug, a sub-sub-sub-genre of rap has always had some of the most creative beat patterns and vocals since at least 2014, yet here we are in 2023 and the genre is in it’s renaissance phase.

Just when you feel like everything within the genre has been done, aash comes in and adds something we haven’t seen before. Each song on this 7 song tape is miles different than the last. With major influences like Chief Keef‘s glo-style beats, Zaytoven and Black Kray going full steam ahead on this project, we see aash shine with the most creative takes on the genre since Izaya Tiji‘s project titled 2020 Deluxe.

Aash‘s confidence oozes out on these beats and it’s clear that this niche of rap has a lot left in the tank thanks to aash and plenty of others. Check this out right now. I’m already on my 3rd listen.


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