Ab-Soul – Interview w/ SkeeTV [Video]


Ab-Soul’s These Days… promo tour has Soulo pretty much everywhere nowadays — hence all the fuckin’ posts. While on on SkeeTV’s couch, Mr. Soul decided to chop a few things up. When the topic of Black Hippy — you better know what Black Hippy is — and their rumored EP came to discussion, Soulo came with a response that no one was prepared for. Instead of Dr. Dre dropping his Chronic follow-up Detox, Ab-Soul decided that it would be a good time to suggest that Black Hippy should use the name for the forthcoming LP. Yeah, I know. What the fuck, right?

“I’m trying to tell Top [Dawg] to just tell Dr. Dre to make it Detox. Let us do Detox. Wouldn’t that be crazy? Start a petition… the Black Hippy album should be Detox.”


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