Ajna Continues His Run With “Lifelines”


Photo By Jaxon Buzzel

With a year full of great drops, Ajna’s returned with the final single and title track off his upcoming album Lifelines. With Ajna “excited and anxious” to close this chapter of his life, “Lifelines” speaks on the unexpected passing of Ajna’s girlfriend at the time, Alenah. Ajna said he’d originally written to the same beat over a year ago, but as he matured and lived more life he felt ready to revisit the track and bring us what we’re hearing today. It’s rare to see an artist now with such strong consistency, but with Ajna releasing six tracks and multiple videos this year he’s proven to be serious about his craft and is here to stay. 

The track is also accompanied by a video, featuring Ajna in the desert as he seemingly searches through his memories with his life flashing on the screen as he performs the song. Ajna’s lyricism and wordplay are really put on display with this track, but even the title is a play on words on multiple levels. Ajna is putting his life on the lines while writing, but this track and music as a creative outlet were the main things that kept him from spiraling during this time of grief, providing a means of escape from a difficult situation. Make sure to watch the heartfelt video for “Lifelines” below and keep an eye out for the album coming soon.


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