Ajna Releases Heartfelt LP “Lifelines”


Venice native Ajna has finally delivered his sophomore album “Lifelines” and it was well worth the two year wait. With the concept of an album feeling as if it’s slowly losing its sacredness, it’s always amazing to see a project that clearly had the hours and life experiences poured into it. This is a project full of heartfelt lyrics, soulful production and just an overall enriching listening experience which I feel has been harder and harder to come across nowadays.

After three strong lead singles in “Protect Me”, “Fall So Fast” and “Lifelines”, this project really kept the momentum going with no skips anywhere throughout all ten tracks. The track list also featured some new names coming up in hip hop who more than delivered on their performances here, Q. and Angelina delivering a hit-worthy hook on “Fall So Fast” and King Khali giving a top notch verse on the Ajna produced “Last Step”. This is definitely one of my favorite releases of the year so make sure to check out “Lifelines” below.


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