Andre 3000 On Outkast’s Progression From Album To Album, Offers Advice to Artists


Andre 3000 continues his promotional tour with a super dope interview with HardKnockTV. Sitting down with Nick Huff Barili, 3K talks about Jimi Hendrix, the life of Outkast over the years, the state of Hip-Hop, touring, his tour jumpsuits, and more.

He was asked about how they would try to reinvent themselves after every album, Andre had this to say:

“It’s not a plan, I swear it was never a plan. It really boils down to the time in between the albums, like the life you lived, your influences during that time, you know turning on to new music, getting bored. All those things make up whatever the next album would have been. We were in a different time, like now you have artists that drop 3-4 mixtapes a year and an album. You have to think we where like two years between every album. We were, damn near different people between every album. We were kids when they first met us, so by the time y’all saw us at you know ‘Stankonia’ and all those albums we where just growing into being an adult, not really knowing what we were about, or trying to figure out what we were about. You were just seeing growth and the music went with it.”


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