Appreciate The Time


I’ve been trying to do better with being more appreciative of life. The work we do is not easy, but somehow it always turns out a little better than expected. Yes, there are numerous times where the end feels imminent, but we must strive for better. The three artists below bring a different wave to the game, so wake up.

NxG – Viper

NxG has been laying the foundation for a real career in this game. His tonality is unique, but he blends modern production and cadences to stand out from the crowd. “Viper” features production by EJ Stellar and Jetson, which is as top-tier as one can get. The electricity leaks from the seams of this one and the direction from Visuals By Luke stands out brilliantly as well. NxG is truly a leader of the new roster of stars coming out of Philly, get hip.

Dzh – Practice

Dzh is back on our pages with “Practice” and this one illuminates the world for the one time. In just one minute and thirty-five seconds we hear this stoic skill-set at the forefront of the stage. Dzh is making strides while the rest of Jersey is focused on this sped-up club percussion. It’s refreshing to hear someone go in the opposite direction of the current trends while thoroughly holding their own. Each bar matters too Dzh, and you can hear it on “Practice” above.

Bucky Malone & WifiGawd – Polo’s & 40 Below$

Bucky has made a very smart move by pairing up with WiFiGawd for this project. Not only because their talents accent each other, but there’s also a feeling of newness. A new rhyme scheme, a new style of production, but to Malone this is business as usual. “Santa Fe”, “Gumbo” and “94 Magic” all shine brightly, though there isn’t a cut that lags behind the rest. Bucky Malone is going to keep dropping whether you like it or not, peep it all above.


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