Araya Strives For Perfect Pop On “Doctor”


Araya is one of those once-in-a-blue-moon unsigned artists who seems to have it all figured out. The New York-based singer and producer has only been dropping music since 2020, but his efforts have already solidified him as one to watch. To kick off 2022, he’s released “Doctor,” a single that shines a light on his talents as a pop songwriter.

Araya‘s keen ear for melody comes through in full force on this song, and it’s a bold leap forward from his past work. 2021 saw Araya going for a low-key vibe with his downtempo, chilled out hip-hop, but “Doctor” is a sure sign that he’s got bigger plans for this year. The song’s driving pulse hits harder than anything he’s released thus far, and it’s a good indication that 2022 will be his year.

This is definitely one you can’t miss. Check out Araya and stream his new song “Doctor” at the Spotify link below.


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