Artist Discovery: Meet The Homies


The other week I had the chance to talk to a few of the members of the exciting group The Homies and chop it up about the year they had. The group recently comes off a big year which consisted of them showing out at a couple of performances and releasing their first collective work Umbrellas. Off the project, the group made a lot of noise with the tracks “On Gawd” and “Split the Bill” of which they were able to complement nicely with entertaining visuals. The multitalented unit has been on our radar for a while now and possess’ a plethora of untapped potential with their vibrant flows and catchy hooks. Here is a snapshot of the conversation.

Who are the Homies?

There’s a total of 5 of us that handles all production and writing, but we’re a part of a larger collective called Private Garden which is based out of Louisville Kentucky that includes Jack Harlow and our photographer Urban Wyatt. The members of the Homies are QuiisoShloob, Ace Pro, 2forwOyNE and Ronnie Lucciano and I guess we’re just a versatile collective of musicians that all come out of Louisville KY. We’re mainly about just having fun with music and creating interesting material that will be relatable to people

How did you connect?

The Homies have been a thing since pretty much 2012, but we knew each other before then. 2for and Shloob are brothers so that’s been life long, but we all met each other through hooping then became close and then then the music came later and around the time we met Quiiso in our first year of college and just got to it. We met Harlow cause he had dropped a video and it was going pretty crazy in the local area. His music at the time was something we found intriguing and had a more mature edge than other sounds. We reached out to him and brought him in a couple of times and then Private Garden kind of just formed organically from that.

Creative process?

We try to show a little of our personality in everything we do. But that’s the thing about us, we’re very creative individuals and we like exploring things. We might dabble in clothing, acting, cutting hair, there’s a lot of things we do so we don’t want to box what the Homies are in to just music. We want to venture out and show who we are in other ways than just music.

Where does your influence come from?

Coming from Louisville we’re usually the consumers of the east and west so we can’t really put our sound in a box cause our sound is a mix of everything

What’s coming in the new year?

We take our influences from so many places so you never really know where we can take it. We have a lot of music made so you never know where our sound will go or what we might put together. We got something really fly planned for the “Leaf Wraps” video coming with Harlow. We really proud of that song and how it came together.

What makes the homies special?

The relatable aspect about us is very big. But the fact that nobody is really heavy headed and gets in their way is a big up for us. We’re really just chill individuals that are always trying to learn. So along the way even though we’ve had our stops we’ve taken them as opportunities to grow and prosper.


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