Baby Plug Pushes His Sound In A New Direction On “Plug Storm”


Baby Plug has been productive lately. Since signing with the Sony subsidiary RECORDS in late 2019, the Atlanta rapper has released four official projects, received co-signs from ATL luminaries like Young Nudy and Ola Runt and created a niche for himself in the city’s crowded scene.

One quality that makes Baby Plug stand out is his adventurous taste in beats. On the recent mixtape Plug Storm, producer Rx Brainstorm pushes BP‘s sound into spaced-out EDM territory. Shimmering tracks like “Granted” and “Stars In The Coupe” could be slipped into set lists at euro rave clubs without sounding out of place.

BP embraces this sonic experiment, and his rapping on Plug Storm is as loose and inventive as ever. His writing, on the other hand remains firmly grounded in fucked-up realities. Each moment of triumph or celebration is punctuated by somber reflection. “Still crying for my n***as that ain’t here / Boutta roll one, smoke one in the cemetery, tell ‘em how it feel,” he warbles on “A Lot”. Even when he’s getting high, he’s surrounded by the graveyard. Give Plug Storm a listen below.


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