BabyTron Flows Over 21 Beats In Cole Bennett Directed Video For “Emperor of the Universe”


Bruh this man BabyTron rapped over 21, yes 21 different beats in a five minute song and video for “Emperor of the Universe” directed and shot by Cole Bennett. Cole has been doing these iPhone videos recently which I think are hit or miss but this is a hit. BabyTron deserves all of his flowers and more. Going from new beats like “sorry bout that” and “What Happened to Virgil” to old school beats like “Ms. Jackson” and “It Was a Good Day” and then hitting every kind of hot beat in between, this song is insane. I could go on about my appreciation for BabyTron but I’ll save that for another time. I just hope people now understand how important and influential BabyTron is. We are watching this man come out of Detroit doing things that no one else has done before and he’s doing it better than anyone else with such ease. 

While the song goes crazy the video also gives us something to talk about. There was a new scene and location for all 21 beats and almost all of them resembled the original version of the song. Cole and BabyTron is a duo that I honestly didn’t know I needed but I need more. Also shoutout to Henrii Coleman for producing this track because he truly put it all together so well. 




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