Badmath’s New Fall Line

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Fashion is one of the most important parts of hip-hop culture. It’s one thing to sound good, but if you don’t look good, then what do you have? It’s going to be fall soon, and my friends at badmath dropped their official line of fall clothing.

This is the epitome of streetwear to me. The quality is super good, and is original. It’s not just slapping a word on a shirt and saying you have a clothing brand. You can tell that this is a product of hard work, and the guys over at badmath did a killer job on their first big drop.

One of my favorite things about this brand is how affordable it is. Usually, a jacket from a streetwear brand would put you out between $100-$250, but the packable nylon jacket at badmath is a super affordable $69, and that’s as expensive as it got for this drop. Check them out, and visit their website by clicking here.

Inhale1 of 6Exhale


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