Baron Davis On NBA Live 2003


It’s another day of bullshit in this wretched world and it’s all because of the people in power. Everybody is backdooring money to fund whatever cause these billionaire fucks want to push and the civilians in the meantime are meant just to sit back and take it. Well, if you prod and poke at the people for long enough, eventually, something will happen. People are fed up with being sad and depressed with no hope for the future. And it’s not because of the work that they tirelessly dread with each passing moment. No, it’s the fact that no matter who we vote for, or how long people march, shit has not changed since Sandy Hook or any of the other shootings.

I think of times as a child when I didn’t have to think about this shit, or maybe I was just unaware of how traumatizing it is to the public. Now I’m fucked up from just hearing about it, imagine those who are living in this nightmare. Guns are the problem. And if we did the background and psychological tests no one would be qualified to carry a firearm. I miss the joy of not knowing the pain of the world. I try to stay positive but shit is fucked up right now. I miss my childhood. I miss playing as Baron Davis on NBA Live 2003. I hope the world figures all of this out because I’m exhausted.

mynameisntjmack – The Lords Of Sounds And Lesser Things

jmack is one of those ones coming up in rap right now. Pairing with the good people at Genius, they’ve helped him roll out and distribute his project called The Lords Of Sounds And Lesser Things. In just ten cuts, you hear jmack‘s baritone voice paint a variety of auditory canvases. With features from Dre Wave$, Marco Plus, Tommy Richman, and KADOLEAF, this is truly a congregation of rising stars. “Nodevelopment” is a personal favorite of mine, but “Tucker” just hits so hard. Overall this project is definitely worth taking the time to indulge in.

oracle – throw it all away (olivereaston)

Oracle is a name you need to know for the next couple of years. It’s bigger than just a hyperpop realm, but the glitches perpetuate the infectious energy that radiates from this cut. With production from olivereaston, you hear synths bounce off the walls along with Oracle‘s pitch-corrected waves. This is one of the many sounds of the youth, so shut your old ass up and tap in with the kid.

Bucky Malone – The Purple Album

Bucky has had a reemergence onto our radar over the last few drops and it all led up to his newest project The Purple Album. A bold move to drop a 17-song project in 2022, but Malone is confident the music will carry through from start to finish. With features from Mack Derico, Bobby Blaze, and of course Innanet James, you hear shades of all talents from Malone, regardless of who is on the mic with him. “Hard” is some stellar gas, along with “Breakdown” as well. But find out for yourself and get acquainted above.

Boyu – How Is Life In Hollywood

Boyu was sent to me by a good bro and it’s definitely in more of a pop, alternative realm. Boyu‘s “How Is Life In Hollywood” is a gentle approach to music, but still possesses an incredibly genuine feel to it all. An underlying theme that I hear in this song is the difficulties that one faces when chasing their dreams. Hollywood is a treacherous purgatory, but if you play your cards right, you can come out on the other side.

Min.a – i don’t get a break

Min.a is a vastly overlooked artist and her talents shine as bright as ever on “i don’t get a break”. Her songwriting is top-tier, taking us into a world of the hearts trials, and tribulations. With the subject matter speaking not getting any sort of break from a troubled relationship, you can hear the pain and an almost numbness radiating from min.a. She’s tired of the bullshit, but the pain brought us this song, so I guess were all a bit torn. This one is great, peep it above.

Starboi Gabe – Wasting

Gabe has been on our pages a number of times now and this go-round its for his newest EP called Wasting. With eight cuts you hear each side of Gabe‘s talents and stylings, proving why people need to quit sleeping. There is a great deal of potential in his sound and with consistent drops it’s only a matter of time until you hear the name around a great deal more. “NNF”, “Bean” and “Know My Name” are some favorites, but tap into them to find your own above.

YaLLa The Melodica – Are You The One?

Now this one is not close to what we typically post, but good music is good music. YaLLa The Melodica is just that, incredibly melodic. Her song “Are You The One?” is a fairly simple question at first, but gets more or less complicated as the relationship goes on. A different feel than the typical LA approach to music, but the rich guitars paint the sky. YaLLa pours it all onto the pavement while the retro percussion guides her way. This one could make some solid noise, don’t miss it.


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