Be Safe, Be Good, Keep Going


Back again for another week of drops, but we decided to keep it short and simple this time. Luh two pack to dive into and you won’t be disappointed. But with that being said, we’ll get out of your way and let you peep the gas below. Be safe, be good, keep going.

Darkness Falls – Grateful

Texas has a diverse musical ecosystem, but the world already knows that. However, Darkness Falls is a name that deserves a bit more recognition when you’re mentioning the state. Aside from the fact his name is very ominous on its own, the sound is vibrant and excites the ear with every turn. On “Grateful” we hear our protagonist deliver mind-bending vocals atop a set of production that will force you to move around. The tonality is rugged but exudes the emotions of the song. And it’s quite easy to tell when an artist doesn’t mean what they’re saying. But Darkness Falls believes in his art wholeheartedly and you’ll agree after just one listen. Do yourself a favor and peep the gas below.

Mayor Manny, Gio Dee, Sada James – 11:30

This one was sent to me by a trusted ear, so I had to tap in. “11:30” is the newest grove brought to the people by Mayor Manny. Manny is a Massachusetts artist building a real foundational catalog with every drop. This go-round he tapped in with Gio Dee and Sada James to gift the world a lust-filled and ever-so-smooth cut. From the start, we are taken to another realm that is dedicated to the special lovers in their lives. The chorus gifts subtle waves that accent the whole feel of the cut and each verse is another side of talent showcased from start to finish. Overall this one is stellar and worth a listen, peep it all below.


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