Behind The Business: Get Hip To The Music Industry’s Newest Innovation, BEEPR


When it comes to keeping tabs on your favorite artists, being in-the-know for new song releases, interviews, and live shows often becomes a chore. In order to be one of the first to tap into an artist’s upcoming offerings, you likely find yourself surfing through social media for any clues that suggest something new may be coming— that is, until now.

Queue BEEPRThe music industry’s first solution to the problem. Taking what the ESPN app did to keep users on top of sports news, BEEPR is an app that provides real-time insights into everything going on with your favorite artists in the form of push notifications sent straight to your device. People that are already tapped into the app understand the value of this. According to the app’s founder, Jake Zinn, their analytics show that their user base is extremely responsive in tapping the notifications that are sent to their phones. In fact, those that do will be taken straight to hear the song, interview, etc. within 1 second of the work dropping to the public— in case that didn’t register, that is EXTREMELY fast.

I had the chance to sit down with Jake to talk about the app, how quickly it is growing, his plans for the future of the technology, and much much more. If you’re still unsure as to what the importance of BEEPR is in today’s culture of music, watch our conversation on the latest Behind The Business segment below.


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