Big Yavo’s New Track “Yayski” Fuels an Already Dominant 2022


Easily one of the most underrated street artists out right now, Birmingham, AL’s Big Yavo‘s new track “Yayski” shows how consistently he’s been able to improve from song to song. Throughout the last two years, Yavo has cultivated a die-hard southern fanbase as well as a blossoming TikTok audience. Songs like “Shawn Kemp”, “No Pad”, “Freestyle” and “Dumb Ass” catapulted him from a bubbling artist in the Birmingham scene to a dominant force in Alabama rap.

However, what’s more impressive is how he’s been able to sharpen his beats, lyrics, videos, and fanbase with a tight-knit team of day ones.

When it comes to instrumentals, Yavo usually taps the architects of his sound which include Zuwop (who did “Yayski”, “Dumb Ass”, and “Freestyle”), Letdatshiridetav, LamarcusJ, among others. Despite the minimalistic sound, all three producers have continued to flesh out the sound into something truly distinctive.

Then there are videos, which are shot almost exclusively by Niles Bryant, ShotByWolf, or Krispy Kam. All three directors have grown considerably since their early Yavo videos. Special shout to Niles new intro that shit is sick.

Finally, Yavo‘s witty punchlines have always stood out but are now paired with hard-hitting verses that utilize tactical wordplay. He’s also garnered acclaim on TikTok with “Rich” and “I’m Him” which mix his lyrical ability with catchy hooks. Check it out.


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