Birmingham’s Lil Bam Continues His Run of Memorable Videos with “Mobsta”


If you’re at all familiar with my writing you’ll know that it is no secret that the Alabama music scene is very near and dear to my heart and for years now I have felt that Birmingham’s Lil Bam is one of the best talents not only to come from his criminally underrated state but in the entire country. I would not be surprised at all if Bam has an EST Gee type of run in 2022, spewing from Birmingham and permeating across all of the south and eventually the whole nation. His latest video for “Mobsta” is yet another regional hit under his belt and he continues to favor cinematically inclined visuals as this video plays off of traditional gangster film tropes in Bam‘s cutthroat hometown. 413 Media brought the video to life and did a great job capturing the understated charisma that Bam possesses.


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