Bobby Shmurda Could Be Out of Jail in A Few Days



A couple weeks ago, it looked like Bobby Shmurda‘s freedom would never see the light of the day. With impending conspiracy and endangerment charges on his shoulders, the GS9 rep looked like he would be in jail for a minute.

However, on Thursday, January 29, Bobby Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel, and the rest of the GS9 crew pleaded not guilty to all charges, with rumors floating around that Bobby posted the $2,000,000 bail. Ira Judelson, who said, “Bobby is relying on me to put up the $2 million to get him out the door, get him back to his family and get his music career back on track,” is the man who was rumored to have paid the bond.

After the government checks Bobby’s bail package (which takes three days), we could see the homie finally released and on to making more music. If the package doesn’t pass inspection, another hearing will be scheduled. If Bobby is released, expect major work to be done on his and Migos’ joint mixtape Shmigo Gang, which will released once the charges are all finalized.


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