Bodega Talks Is The Future Of Rap Media


In this sort of revitalization of DIY music blogs and curation, we see a lot of attempts at making quality content. The key word there is quality because redundant attempts are plenty and those that stick are few and far between. In the case of Bodega Talks, we see a genuine host not only interviewing but just interacting in his own world.

Bazini Bah-Traore aka Blakzini guides the ship all while the world pays attention to their motion. From interviews with NoCap to Asher Roth, SSG Kobe, and seemingly everyone backstage at Rolling Loud, these clips are not forced. Instead, you can tell there is real research and interest in what Blakzini brings to the screen. Conversational interviews are so much better than and this man captivates with the conversation.

It’s becoming pretty apparent that when you come to NYC you hope to do OnTheRadar, and Flex, but Bodega Talks is a necessity on the press run. Real interest in the art and the people who crafted it, from the heart of New York City. Shout to the good people, get hip to their work below.


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