Buppy Delivers His Triumphant Debut EP “Cold Nights In Hollywood”


Buppy is still a young man growing with each passing day, but it seems as if his music carries a deeper, heavy tone. Real life is poured onto the pavement and shows these 6 cuts are transparent with a wide variety of emotions. A true artist making songs for the people to love, but there is a definite therapeutic aspect that bleeds from Buppy‘s art.

Cold Nights In Hollywood is an amalgamation of passion, talents, and life experiences thus far from this 18-year-old creative. Of course, the title track got some great looks, along with “WTDWTS”, a bubbly cut featuring rising artist Shy High, setting the scene for both of these soon-to-be legends.

“Another Day” with Nevi and “Man In The Stars” will not only stun you in the best ways but show yet another shade of how Bup can pen some real music. It’s authentic and comes from the pain that is felt when growing up. Walking away from this EP, in just six songs, it feels like this young man is going to be around for a while. Buppy’s music doesn’t really have a ceiling, it’s always easy to digest, and truly amazing he made this during his adolescent years. Get hip to this young genius below.


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