Cae Cartier Latest Single “Quicksand” Is Infectious


Cae Cartier is blazing on the first listen. The energy he emits when he draws his breath onto a mic is infectious. His newest single, “Quicksand,” is symbolic of his ability to create and maintain an energy level that never wavers.

The chords release the same chills which stifle the body once a trespasser is in your territory. It’s eery, brazenly intruding into your space, forcing you to stay on guard as the keys remain poignant. A high pitch string is tucked behind the keys, building upon that horror. Cae shifts through flows & melodies as if their different personalities, all giving their individual account from the same experience. There are moments of fear, “I’m paranoid/all these pills got my mind scarred,” but it vanishes as he mentions his success in the following line.

Hollowed-out synths bleed over the scatting of the hi-hats, aiding in shaping a minimal. “Everyone swears they’re tough until the dying starts,” Cae coos, as he sounds unfazed by the violence surrounding him. Cae‘s tone is forceful and self-assured, all wrapped in an aura of invincibility. The fate of those who dare cross him won’t be shared as all the good he’s struggled for has arrived.


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