Chance The Rapper Speaks On Life Since #10Day, Response To ‘Juice’ & ‘Acid Rain’, Acid Rap & More [Interview]


Tim Larew sits down with Chance The Rapper during his stop in Boston for a show a couple days ago to talk about a couple things.

In the interview, Chance discusses what life’s been like since #10Day, the amazing reception to his two recent releases (“Juice” and “Acid Rain”), his work with video director Austin Vesely, the roles Chicago blogs Ruby Hornet and Fake Shore Drive have played in his success, and of course, what fans can expect from the April release of Acid Rap.

Chance The Rapper is one to keep an eye on this year.  He’s one of the dopest coming out of Chicago right now who is making drill/hype music.  For someone who made a name for himself off a tape that only took 10 days to complete, I can’t imagine how dope his next project is going to be since he’s taking his time.  Doobies to The Fresh Heir for the interview.


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