Exclusive: Church-Hill Is Another Star You Haven’t Heard Of Yet


I know music. I boldly proclaim this and scream it from the mountain tops because there is not a doubt in my mind that this young man will flourish into something great. Church-Hill is yet another pop sensation that you haven’t heard of and it really seems like he’s already hit his groove within the curation of his art. The sultry tone he possesses doesn’t sound like a child, which is nice in this bubblegum ecosystem were plagued with. And he makes the music these labels wish they could pump out, but can’t even scratch the surface.

Church had a situation a little while back where he was stifled creatively and not developed to the heights he should have been. To be clueless about what you have on your roster in this industry is the ultimate fumble near the goal line, and boy did they drop the ball on this one. With his most recent release “Tallahassee” you hear his vocal prowess shine from A to Z. With production from Josh Bruce Williams, you can’t help but exude positive emotion when you hear this one.

To shine a bit more light on our protagonist we decided to reach out for a brief Q&A. We touched on his influences, his upbringing, his relationship with music, his dreams, and a bit more. So do yourself a favor and get all the way tapped in with Church, he’s a genius.

DC: When did you start making music?

CH: Made my song ever at 12 years old under the name Mr.Viper.

DC: What instruments do you play?

CH: I dabble with the drums, I can also play the ukulele but my strong suit is the piano.

DC: Who and or what are you inspired by? Whether it’s music or nature or whatever?

CH: Definitely inspired by my mom, she’s infinitely more talented than I am, she sings, and plays the piano. When she was my age she had the chance to join the American traveling symphony as a violist but unfortunately had to decline with the news of being pregnant with me and also other stuff at home. My family used to lead the worship service in church growing up and so I watched her sing and play the piano every Sunday, to this day she still does it, and every time I hear her sing I can’t help but cry hahaha.

DC: How long did you live within that cult and how did it change your outlook on life?

CH: Fortunately for me my family left that church when I was about 3-4 years old and my grandpa Howard started his own in Grants Pass Oregon, so I never really got to experience that life as a kid nor do I have memories from it.

DC: Are you still in contact with any of the members of the cult?

CH: There’s not a lot of people I can recall still seeing around. I mean moms are still friends with her pals from the church but other than that we kinda cut all ties and a lot of folks passed away.

DC: Things you appreciate in your everyday life?

CH: My ability to have a relationship with God, the sauna, the tv show The Office, a nice juicy ribeye, my American spirit ciggies, and my decaf iced vanilla latte from the starbs.

DC: What is your favorite part of releasing new music?

CH: Man not to sound cliché but the records I decided to release all give me butterflies at one point. They turned me into a 15ft giant where anything and everything is possible, and with every release, I just hope people get that 2 minutes of being a badass in this world. I guess my favorite part is that weird ego boost I get for being a sense of dopamine for my peeps.

DC: What is the biggest challenge of being an independent artist?

CH: The levels, unsure if you’re growing or staying the same, knowing and trusting that taking the time to build a brand with your homies is something way more special than an instant success or paycheck.

DC: Things you look forward to in your future?

CH: I can’t wait to sign a kids forehead, try out all the different continental breakfasts at hotels across the world on tour, and know what it feels like to be the person you always wanted to be.

DC: Message to any supporter or listener?

CH: Honestly just thank you. It’s an honor to be here and to have you on my side y’all are the blood flowing through my veins. I wouldn’t be anything without you listening, lots more to be explored and discovered with who I am and what I sound like and I just hope y’all stick around for the journey with me.

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