Cris Dinero Returns With His Emphatic Visuals For “No Way”


Cris Dinero is a real legend in this game, but it’s time he gets a bit more spotlight. Returning with his visuals for “No Way” we hear Dinero utilize his modern approach to music. With production from Bhristo and Nuri, it’s truly a futuristic glimpse into what is ahead for this young maestro.

You may have recognized the name Cris Dinero from his instrumental prowess from work with DJ Scheme and Robb Bank$, but he’s here to grow his wave from the artist’s perspective. Below you will see a cornucopia of pristine edits, color changes and clouds of smoke all brought to us by the direction of Kenny H.

With this being the lead single up to Cris‘ opus Requiem For A Dream dropping shortly, the bar is set pretty high. This is what the kids want to sound like, but Cris has been at it for some time now and he’s moving into a whole league of his own. Until the next batch of gas, do yourself a favor and reacquaint with Cris Deniro below.


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