Curren$y Talks “The Stoned Immaculate,” Dame Dash, & Warner Music [Article]


Complex grabs Hot Spitta for an extensive, written interview where he touches on a bunch of subjects all Curren$y fans will want to read about.  With The Stoned Immaculate just around the corner, he talks about what he expects from the highly anticipated album and all that good shit. Being that 2 Chainz is probably the hottest rapper out right now, I’ve included the excerpt of Spitta talking about him:

How do you feel seeing 2 Chainz touching so many more people than he did as Tity Boi?

You know what? It’s like a season. When it’s your season, when it comes to you, that’s from you staying in the game. I always say the universe or God won’t give it to you until you exhibit some faith. If it’s in you to do music, if it’s placed in your mind—this is what you’re gonna do.

If you waver in faith, like “Ahh it’s probably not,” then it won’t. Because you’re not going 100%. I hate to say it but you got to throw all your eggs in one basket—you know what I’m saying? Cause once that happens then the universe is like, “He believes in himself. I can’t fuck him. He’s got nothing else.”

And that dude held on, he’s been around long enough where a motherfucker could have been like, “Alright fuck this this shit. I’m about to bubble some fucking crack and get it poppin’.” But lo and behold, he held on and held on, and now it’s off the chain—like way more than he could have imagined.

It’s the same with me, and I don’t even have half the acclaim around me that 2 Chainz has going around him. All I’ve ever really wanted to do was keep my sneaker collection straight and keep the Chevys running and all. It’s way more than I’ve imagined it being. It’s way more than that for me, so it’s like crazy. It’s all in believing.

Read the full interview here thanks to Complex.


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