Curtis Waters Displays His Heartbreak In The Upbeat Visuals For “Conceited”


Curtis Waters blesses us with visuals of the upbeat record “Conceited”. When this track was released in February, I knew it would be one I often revisited. With his tongue-in-cheek humor and upbeat delivery, this track is charismatic and has an infectious energy. The lead synth line is an earworm and hooks you into the production. The other instrumental flourishes give the record a swing that most artists strive to obtain.

The visual component is shot by Curtis’ younger brother, Albert, and edited by Nial ProctorThe video is just as fun as the song. You get Waters singing into a boutique of flowers in an open field with a very comfy-looking sofa. Even Though it might not seem like much, these frames are entertaining the whole time through with magnificent edits. This made it so easy for me as a viewer to stay intrigued during the runtime. Make sure you check this fresh video below!


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